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The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development seeks qualified interns to work closely with our staff in manifesting the organization’s vision. Since the organization’s founding, over 50 people have interned at our organization. It would be fair to say that their contribution has had a significant part in growing the organization and implementing its projects. He/she will be involved in a diverse range of assignments and responsibilities, which may include contacting religious institutions from multiple faiths; planning a North American interfaith environmental speaking tour; researching religious sources on environmental issues; engaging in background research on philanthropic foundations; website development and updating; and design, planning, and assessment of interfaith environmental events and seminars in Israel and internationally. Part- or full-time internships are available, ranging from ten to forty hours per week, for a minimum of five weeks. Internships are unpaid.

 To apply to intern with us, please email Benji Elson, ICSD Intern Coordinator, at belson@interfaithsustain.com with the following items:

1. Your current resume.

2. A filled-out intern questionnaire, which you can download here. This will help us get a sense of what work you have been involved in, what your strengths and skills are, and why, specifically, you are interested in interning with our organization.

3. A description of the dates during which you would like to intern, and how many hours you are interested in working per week.

4. A list of several potential times, between 10:30am and 5pm Israel time (Sunday-Thursday), that you would be available for a Skype or phone interview to discuss details of the internship. Please include your Skype ID and working phone number. We will be in contact with you to agree on a date and time to speak.

We look forward to being in contact and appreciate your interest in interning with us.

We are grateful for the contribution of the following past interns:

Past Interns


2016Lucy AtkinsonAnthony Bartaway2012Joshua Schaffer
Flor Asquinazi Chelsea RevellNeria GrenimanAriana BerlinRuth Kleinman
Caroline Stern Dominik DöhlerRotem WeizmanAmira Mintz-Morgenthau2010
Valerie BreslowSiiri BigalkeMarjorie AmonEliav LevyAbby Kaufman
Marilena BekierzAlessandro MagnascoMichelle JohnstonMark Gilbert
2015Daniel AltmanRachel WinnerTiana Valdespino
Sarah LyonsElana FrankAlicen Roberts2012
Annie FortnowGabriella MaimonHugo Van Der PoelOscar Schneitter
Adina HeisteinMaya BrilliantKajta DerichsLeah Koller
Shirelle WeingartenJenna (Basman) Zedaka2013Julie Cohen
Dalia GladsteinAmna FarouqiNico KatzAdin Bonapart
Ricki SilberJulian DunaevitsLianne Nibley2011
Nadav Slovin2014Dasi RobbinsLeora Kirtner


Testimonial from Marilena Bekierz, ICSD intern in summer 2016: From day one of my internship the ICSD director made clear how important and impactful my work in this internship would be and that created an instant feeling of trust and responsibility, which lasted throughout the two and a half months I was with ICSD.

One of my main tasks was to manage the social media sector of ICSD, which I enjoyed. Creating content, like scheduling in posts, writing blog posts myself and doing research on specific topics, observing how social media works and getting to know new ways to reach out to people internationally was a great insight all in all. In meetings at the office, I met various people that are locally or internationally known for their work in the Interfaith eco sector which showed me the impact a small NGO like ICSD actually has. My own big project was the Interfaith Eco Poetry Slam, which was a first time experience to organize and take part in myself. I had constant back up of the ICSD team, which was extremely helpful and necessary as the challenges in a city like Jerusalem shouldn’t be underestimated- the political and financial questions are certainly throwing in obstacles in the way of organizing such an event, but it was a great success, due to the passion and ambition of the staff and team of ICSD!

Testimonial from Dominik Döhler “From November ’15 till March ’16 I had the privilege to do an internship at the Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development. During my tenure I have been working on a wide variety of assignments, which helped me not only to apply my already existing knowledge, but to acquire new skill sets. One of my first responsibilities at ICSD was the social media management. This contained the administration as well as the outreach improvement of all the social media channels including Facebook, twitter and Pinterest. Simultaneously I have been working on ICSD’s Wikipedia page. Another very interesting area I have been assigned to was the fundraising and donor research. Working in this field has been an exciting new experience to me. Not only because it was profoundly educational, but since fundraising is evidently one of most essential areas of an NGO, I was happy to be part of such a vital aspect of the organization. In January I started to manage ICSD’s Google Adwords campaigns. Again this area was something completely new to me. Creating and administrating these campaigns really demanded a great deal of my attention. Pretty much from the start, the Google Adwords campaigns became my sole responsibility. I was honored and very much contented by the confidence that ICSD put into my abilities. In conclusion, interning with ICSD brought me a big step closer to my personal and professional aspirations. I have learned what it means to really commit yourself to such an indispensable cause like the environment. It was a pleasure to work side by side with people who act from the same conviction. I will always be thankful to Yonatan and his team for granting me this unique and important experience.” 

Testimonial from Siiri Bigalke, ICSD Intern in 2014: “I first heard about the Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development when I attended an environmental leadership panel composed of a Muslim, Christian, and Jewish faith leaders involved in sustainability. I was attracted to this organization because it brings together two of my passions (interfaith and environmental work) in a city that is dynamic and full of opportunities to reach out to diverse communities of people. In a sense, this has also been the most challenging part of this internship – the fact that we are working to create bridges of understanding to populations of people who have an intense and rich history of conflict and misunderstanding. Since I started my internship in January, I have worked on a host of different projects relating to subjects such as women’s empowerment, conflict resolution, and sustainable development – as well as more skills based projects centered on fundraising, public speaking, tourism, and communications.

Yonatan Neril, the Director of the Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development, is a very organized, insightful, and encouraging leader, and has an incredibly diverse and profound knowledge of interfaith environmental collaboration. He expects that all of the interns contribute to the success of the organization with the greatest effort they can provide. From my experience with working at ICSD for the past couple of months, I find that my fellow interns reflect this same passion for sustainable development and innovative approaches to community collaboration. As the organization is largely intern-run, a great deal of responsibility is given to these members of ICSD, who in turn expect their colleagues to approach their work with the same level of seriousness.

Ultimately I want to go into the field of Sustainable Development, which I believe to be a perfect blend of all of my interests: government, environmental science, economics, and social justice. This internship fits in exactly with all of these subjects, and it also contributes a new dimension to my learning – that is, a religious and spiritual perspective.”

Testimonial from Hugo van der Poel, ICSD Intern in 2013/2014: “During my internship with the ICSD I had the privilege to learn from highly skilled colleagues about a wide range of topics. I really enjoyed working with- and being part of the motivated team of young professionals who pursue goals that are not only aimed on being beneficial to themselves or the organization, but using their skills to serve and trying to improve the (world’s) community. I was mainly involved in managing the website development process. In addition I had the pleasure to use my graphic design skills to create several graphic works and I also assisted with the founding of The United Planet Faith & Science Initiative.

I hereby like to thank Rabbi Yonatan Neril for granting me the opportunity to intern with the ICSD. It was very inspiring, I learned so many things and this internship really enabled me to experience working in a non-profit organization. It turned out to be a great experience for me and I have become even more determined to pursue a career in the NGO world.

After my internship ended, I continued working for ICSD as Webmaster and Graphic designer and am also still involved in The United Planet Faith & Science Initiative.”

Testimonial from Neria Greniman, ICSD Intern in 2013: “When I started the past summer (2013), I set out to find a job or internship that would allow me to be involved with six different areas: environment, Judaism, religion & interfaith, culture, conflict & dialogue and society. This choice was not just a whim, but a decision about my career direction. I chose to lead a career that, in my mind, is at the very core of the problems we face today as human beings. That’s why, when I heard about the opportunity to intern with the Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development, I was truly delighted. I proceeded to intern with ICSD between the months of July and October, 2013. I gained much useful experience working virtually on every aspect of the organization, including:
• Researching individuals and foundations for fund raising purposes
• Grant writing
• Different aspects of social media, i.e Facebook, Linkedin
• Translation of texts to Hebrew
• Participation in interfaith events on behalf of the organization
• Research of the local and incoming tourism in Israel
• Marketing work for Eco Israel Tours (EIT) and Jewish Eco Seminars (JES)
• Teaching youth groups
• Work on a seminar for future religious leaders, which is scheduled to take place at the end of October”

Testimonial from a 2012 Intern: “While interning for The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development (ICSD), I contributed in organizing the Interfaith Conference on Climate Change in Jerusalem. I was not just an important asset to the organization, but by working with ICSD I feel that I was able to have a real impact on society and the environment. The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development is doing pioneering work in the field of ecology and fighting climate change by encouraging communities to live more sustainably.

Specifically, I used my basic knowledge of film/movie editing to help make promotional videos and short films for the conference, and helped create the world’s first database with videos of religious speakers on Ecology. The hours were compatible with my activities as part of a Gap Year program… The office is in a very convenient part of town. My time working for ICSD was really gratifying!”

Testimonial from Gabi Maimon, ICSD intern in summer, 2014:  “Words truly cannot describe how lovely this experience was. Working with you and everyone else was a truly enlightening experience, teaching me so much more than I ever could have expected. The passion and love that each member of the team brought forth was truly inspiring, and in fact gives me hope that the work we are doing is making a difference in this world. In fact, I think it is safe to say that we are doing holy work. I look forward to being involved with future ICSD happenings whether that be as an Ambassador on my college campus, continuing to make phone calls during my spare time, or simply sharing a post on Facebook”.