The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development

Our Mission

The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development (ICSD) reveals the connection between religion and ecology and mobilizes faith communities to act. ICSD works on a global basis, with current engagement in Africa, the Middle East, North America, and Europe.

In 2020, ICSD’s work focuses on The Seminary Faith and Ecology Project. We are also continuing with The Faith Inspired Renewable Energy Project. ICSD also provides thought-leadership to faith-based communities and beyond through our writing, speaking, teaching and advocacy. Our collection of reports, articles, course and syllabus collections, blog, and other resources provide a unique access point for leaders and followers of faith-based communities alike to explore the connections between their tradition and contemporary environmental issues.

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Rabbi Yonatan Neril, Founder and Executive Director
ICSD Content Manager
Lisa Cohen,
Content Manager
Deborah Lee Rose,
Volunteer Consulting Editor
ICSD Team Member
Pesach Chananiah,
Los Angeles Faith and Ecology Network

About Us

Based in Jerusalem, ICSD is registered in Israel as a non-profit organization. ICSD is a partner organization of the International Partnership on Religion & Sustainable Development (PaRD), Olam Together, the Shine Campaign and a Cooperation Circle of United Religions International (URI).

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