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Over the years, The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development has received extensive media coverage from dozens of TV, radio, and printed media outlets for its various activities. Our interfaith environmental conferences in Jerusalem and North America feature Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religious leaders addressing the religious importance of stewardship of the earth.


Press Coverage

  • Patheos, Eco Bible: A Must-Have Jewish Ecological Commentary on Genesis and Exodus

    Imagine traveling with a group of people on a boat sailing across the beautiful water.  But then one of them pulls out a drill and begins boring a hole down through the center of the hull.  An uproar ensues where the passengers demand to know: “Why are you doing this?”  The man answers, “What does it concern you?  Am I not drilling under my own place?”  Stating the obvious, the rest reply, “But you will flood the boat for all of us!”

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  • Good Faith Media, How Earth Day Aligns with Jewish Values

    My burgeoning love of the environment began during a 1978 Muppets’ television special. It featured Buffalo Springfield singing “For What It’s Worth,” parodying the original song using Muppet animals. The song’s refrain: “Everybody stop! Hey! What’s that sound? Everybody look what’s going down” brought a connection of my values (the love of wildlife) to a cause (protecting them) as seen through a child’s version of conservation.

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  • The Jerusalem Post, What does the Bible say on the preservation of the environment?

    Today’s world faces countless environmental issues - air, water and land pollution; climate change; global warming; deforestation; overpopulation; waste disposal; ozone layer depletion – and the list goes on. These serious issues affect our lives in diverse ways, yet many of us do not realize that our awareness of these environmental challenges and the small changes we can make in our day-to-day lives can have a positive effect on the environment.

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  • Dagen, Rabbiner och religiösa tänkare ger ut Eko-Bibeln

    Detta enligt rabbin Yonatan Neril som står bakom den nya “Eco Bible” (Eko-Bibeln), en samling bibelkommentarer av både rabbiner som levde...

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